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"Back to Your Mecklenburg Roots"
by Dr. Anja Alert of the
Institute for Migration
and Ancestral Research (IMAR)

in Warnemunde Germany

© Copyright, Dr. Anbja Alert, IMAR and IGS
Latest Update: 4 August 2003

Excerpts from an Article published in German-American Genealogy, Fall 1996 by the Immigrant Genealogical Society.

"Back to Your Mecklenburg Roots" by Dr. Anja Alert

The Institute for Migration and Ancestral Research (I.M.A.R.) was founded in Rostock after the unification of Germany in the Spring of 1994. The background was that in the last century more than 220,000 people emigrated from the two duchies of Mecklenburg-Schwerin and Mecklenburg-Strelitz. They also came from Pomerania. The western part of this region belongs today to Mecklenburg under the name of Western Pomerania.

I.M.A.R. helps the descendants of Mecklenburg emigrants to trace the family roots here in Mecklenburg. It is able to locate the origins of the ancestors and searches for local branches of the family.

The people from the USA and from other countries, especially those who are interested in genealogical research, send IMAR also information about their ancestors. We put the data into our data file of the Mecklenburg emigrants. IMAR already has more than 5,000 names of emigrants from Mecklenburg-Schwerin and 8,000 names from Mecklenburg-Strelitz for the period from 1835-1862 in its files. The information for Mecklenburg-Schwerin includes the whole period of emigration, which means from the 14th century to the World War II.

IMAR develops and maintains friendly contact with Mecklenburg and Western Pomeranian associations interested in historical emigration. So, we are able to extend the information about the emigration from this region. IMAR has been collecting as it works a bibliography dedicated to the problems of Mecklenburg emigration. It will be published, too. We are extracting material from newspapers of the last century and collecting letters of emigrants written to their Mecklenburg relatives.

With IMAR's assistance the descendants of Mecklenburg emigrants can visit the old homeland or its districts particularly affected by emigration and trace the origins of their ancestors. I.M.A.R. will be able to trace living relatives, to visit them, too, or to accompany visitors from the outside to the places of origin from which the ancestors once set out to emigrate to unknown, far-off shores.

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