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Latest Update: 4 August 2003

Bacckground: The Institute for Migration and Ancestral Research (IMAR) was founded at Warnemünde / Rostock Germany after the reunification of Germany. Their purpose is to study and preserve records of Mecklenburg emigration and to assist descendants of Mecklenburg emigrants in discovering and visiting their ancestor's place of origin.

It is estimated that about 170,000 persons emigrated from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern during the 19th and 20th Centuries. The major destinations of these emigrants were the United States, Canada, Australia, Chile, Brazil and Argentina. IMAR has begun compilation of a database of Mecklenburg emigrants.

Information regarding about 20,000 persons has already been entered into the database from documents held by the Mecklenburg Main State Archive at Schwerin. Many of these records are "Permit To Emigrate" forms approved for departing emigrants. Records from other archives holding similar records and from books or articles may be included.

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  • Visit the IMAR Webpage on another server at http://www.imar-mv.com Database Contents: This IMAR database is not simply the index you see on the two files linked below. It includes such helpful information as each person's surname, the birth name (for women), the person's given names, date of birth, sex, the archive file number from which the information came, residence/home town, the amt (court district) in which the hometown lies, occupation, marital status, related persons mentioned, destination, the source of information and the year of emigration, if known.

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