In-person Research

In-person research can be done at the library during normal hours with the aid of our friendly and knowledgeable researchers. For more info, see our Library page.

Mail-in Research requests

The volunteers in our Research Committee open the unique resources of the Immigrant Library to genealogists across the United States and overseas via mail requests. Searches now offered include: German telephone books on CDs; Numerous maps, gazetteers and atlases; Indexes to surnames researched by German genealogists; Lists of German genealogists; Published lists of arriving immigrants; First Immigrants List database of over 3,500 persons; and over 100 volumes of German genealogies.

Standard Searches:
IGS researchers can run the searches listed below.
For searches not listed below you can contact the IGS research team using this form.

Note: Your postal request accompanied by an SASE (Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope) will bring detailed information about all IGS searches currently offered. The flyers require 2 oz postage – 65 cents.

IGS Search Flyers Available
Flyers describing the IGS searches listed above are free to bonafide representatives of genealogical societies for distribution at your events. Please write us concerning your genealogy needs.

Genealogy Seaches for Overseas Germans
During 1993 IGS began offering two searches to genealogists in Germany. The response has been enthusiastic. Persons in Germany are enabled to contact descendants of relatives who emigrated to America. Branches of families are being reunited with one another in Germany as well as with U.S. descendants. These searches will be posted in Deutsch and linked to this IGS HomePage soon.