The Immigrant Genealogical Society

The Immigrant Genealogical Society (IGS) was founded in 1982 to help Americans trace their ancestors’ origins, particularly in the German speaking areas of Europe and the places in the world to which they migrated. The society maintains a genealogical research library, publishes a newsletter and two periodical journals, and offers searches of its holdings for users worldwide.

IGS library exterior

The Immigrant Library
The Immigrant Library serves as the IGS headquarters and houses a collection of materials related to German and American genealogy. The collection began with the extensive personal libraries of Elisabeth Sharp and Gerda Haffner. The collection has grown over the years as society members and others contributed their materials and money to the library. Presently, about half of the library holdings cover German speaking areas of Europe and half cover America. More.

IGS Publications

nl387jun16-1The IGS Newsletter – produced monthly, contains brief but useful news items related to genealogical research as well as references to other resources.

German-American Genealogy – was produced annually, and our archives contain articles related to the migration of Germanic peoples to America.

Research Services
Volunteers make the information in the Immigrant Library available to researchers who are not able to use the library’s resources in person. For a small donation, they will use their experience with each resource to locate data of interest, make copies and forward the information to you. More.

The Immigrant Genealogical Society serves researchers in the greater Los Angeles area in many ways:

  • Maintains the Immigrant Library for public use.
  • Publishes a monthly newsletter.
  • Meets online on Second Sundays to discuss various genealogical topics.
  • Holds classes that teach the basics of American and German genealogy.
  • Offers look-ups of information in our collection to off-site researchers.

The Immigrant Genealogical Society is, since December 1985, an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) organization.  Donations of cash and books are tax-deductible.  Cash donations for the purchase of library materials and supplies are always welcomed.