Remote Look-Up Services

IGS Library Look-Up Services

In our mission to make our resources available to researchers worldwide, The Immigrant Library offers a remote look-up service for any item in our library collection listed on this website.

At the end of 2021, The Immigrant Library reduced the size of its Burbank, CA location to half of the space it previously occupied. In the process, the library reduced its collection, divesting items that were deemed obsolete or underutilized, while maintaining our core collection of resources relating to locations our Germanic ancestors were from, and where they settled in the US and elsewhere.

That’s not to say that all resources unrelated to Germany were lost in the re-organization; but it does mean that there is currently some discrepancy between the items listed in our catalogs on our website and those that remain on the shelves at the Immigrant Library.

Until the card catalogs on the website can be brought up to date, we are requesting researchers to fill out the form, below to see if a particular resource of interest is available. If so, then we will provide you with a summary of the extent of information found, and an estimate of the cost to retrieve that information for you.

  1. Please fill out this Preliminary Inquiry Form
  2. Print the completed form to PDF
  3. Email the PDF file to
  4. Expect a response within 1-2 weeks (nominally, after the next Saturday that the library is open)

Thank you for your patience while the Immigrant Library completes the lengthy task of reorganizing its card catalogs.

Please be aware that the volume of information that we can provide to you may be restricted by copyright laws, and is intended only for the use of individuals researching their ancestral lines, and not for any commercial purposes.