IGS Catalog – Family History Collection

IGS Family History Collection Catalog

The IGS Family History Collection contains about 700 publications that focus on the kinship and historical background relating to a particular family surname. It includes commercial publications dealing with the family history of famous individuals such as John Adams or Myles Standish, family histories that were self-published by individuals, bindings of family association newsletters, and some collections of family group sheets and notes focused on a family name. Many of these family histories are in the German language.

Search in the table, below and perhaps you will be lucky to find that an unknown relative recorded some rich backstories or family photographs to enhance your own research.

Also see a Database of Family Histories, which lists the primary surname with their associate family names, as well as locations whence the family emigrated and where they settled.

IGS Catalog – Family History Collection

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ABELLMedieval English Ancestors Of Robert AbellCarl Boyer, III2001
ADAMSDescent From Glory; Four Generations Of The John Adams FamilyNagel, Paul C1983
ADAMSJohn Adams 1735-1826; Volumes I-IISmith, Page1962
ADAMSThe Adams Families Of Southeast KentuckyGriffith, Dorothy; Parkin, Robert1986
ADAMSThe Adams FamilyAdams, James Truslow1930
ADAMSThe Adams Family Of Great Egg Harbor Atlantic County Adams, Arthur1950
ADAMSWilliam Adams 1594-1661 Of Ipswich Massachusetts And Some Of His DescendantsBosworth, Kenneth L1992
ADSITDescendants of John Adsit of Lyme, ConnecticutAdsit, Newman Ward1930's
AISENBREYAisenbrey Family ChartsAisenbrey Myers, Josephine Ellen1995
ALEXANDERJohn Alexander; A Northern Neck Proprietor His Family, Friends And KinPippenger, Wesley E1990
ALISON / ALLISONHistory Of The Alison Or Allison Family In Europe And America 1135-1893 Morrison, Leonard Allison1893
ALLERTONFamilies Of The Pilgrims; Isaac Allerton Shaw, Hubert Kinney1955
ALVERSONAlverson Genealogy unknownC 1902
AMANFred And Eva Aman Family; An American Pioneer Family Of German-Russian HeritageFreeman, Margaret Ann1984
AMBURG, VANVan Amburg Family 1798-1888 Goodsell, CowlineC 1935
AMEYThe Amey Brothers Of Ernesttown Burleigh, H C
AMMANNThe Ammann Family Of Schaffhausen, Switzerland 1450-1950Rüedi, Ernst2005
ANDREW / PROUTYLineage Chart; Ancestors And Descendants Of A C And Ilene Prouty AndrewProuty, W HC 1950
ANTESThe Road To Salem; Story Of Anna Catharina Fries, Adelaide L1944
APPLEGATEThis Was A Man; Life And Times Of Jesse Applegate Brown, Wilfred H1971
APRILL / ABRILLAprill Family Newslettervon Dammerau Gorman, Doris Ann, ed. 1998, 1999
ARBENZGenealogie Der Familie Arbenz Gauen, J P Zwicky1977
ARNOLDDie Familie Arnold Aus Bonlanden Auf Den Fildern Arnold, Juerg1975
ARROL / ARROLL / ARRELLThe Arrol, Arroll And Arrell Families Arrol, John1994
AVENARIUSFamilienverband Avenarius (Familienzeitung)Avenarius Family Association Newsletters1961-1977
BACKENSJacob Backens Aus Seeth Ksp Süderstapel Und Seine NackkommenZusammengestellt Horst Bruns1990
BAILEYThe Baileys Of Eastern Kentucky; Vol I-III And IndexMagoffin Co Hist Soc1986-1988
BAKERBaker's Dozen (Vols 1,1-4; Vol. 2, 1-4)Neil, Robert E.1967-69
BALCHBalch Genealogica Balch, Thomas Willing1907
BALDWINBaldwin By-Lines (Vols 1, 3, 4, 5)Neil, Robert E. 1967-1969
BARRAUDBarraud; The Story Of A Family Barraud, E M1967
BARRETTA Few Barrett Kin Reeves, Emma Barrett1971
BARRIERA Brief Biography Of Henry Barrier Barrier, Thomas Franklin1941
BARRINGERSome Descendants Of Adam Barringer Reeves, Emma BarrettC 1980
BARSHINGERBarshingers In America: A Genealogical History Of Barshinger Families In Since 1735Smith, Stephen H2001
BATEMANOur Bateman Ancestry Adams, Enid Eleanor1971
BATTENBERGChronik Der Familie Von Battenberg Battenberg, Richard1986
BATTISACOMBE / BASCOMA History Of Battisacombe And Bascom Families Of England And AmericaBarrow, Geoffrey Battiscombe1976
BAUERBauer; John Albrecht Bauer & Marie Dorothea Willer Immigration & AncestorsNulk, Robert2002
BAYLORThe Baylor Family In AmericaLatford, Patricia Riley
BEARFamily Record Of John Bear Bear, John; Hershey, EmanuelC 1900
BECHSTEDT, BECHSTÄDT, BECHSTAEDT, BACHSTADT, BECHSTETTEin Register der Namen Bechstedt, Bechstädt, Bachstadt, BechstettBeckstead, Joseph RC 1985
BECKThe Frederich Beck Family; Emigrated 1828 Budd, Brenna Hobson1999
BENJAMINGenealogy Of Park Benjamin Hoover, Merle M1948
BENNETThe Bennet Family Royse, Mintie Allen1958
BENNETTBennett Family History Savage, EvelynC 1988
BENTZJohann Bentz II And Descendants 1834 To 1988Washburn, Alma Wiederrick1988
BENZ / SCHMELLERDescendants Of Martin Benz And Dorothea Schmeller Bentz, John D1983
BERBERETThe Berberet StoryMc Leod, Lee; Mc Leod, Lela2001
BERGThe Berg Family In America 1833-1970 Berg, Thomas1971
BERGOLDBergold And Brodhun Family History And Some Of Their DescendantsRichards, LewisC 1990
BERGSTRÄßER / BERGSTRAESSERDer Name Bergsträßer In Rheinhessen-Pfalz 1765-1814 Bergsträßer, Erwin1988
BERKHEIMERThe Berkheimer Family In Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia And Other StatesLontz, Mary Belle1970
BERRIERBiography Of Harry Berrier Berrier, David J1976
BERRY / BERYThe Barrys Of Maryland; An Old Prince Georges County FamilyGriffiths, George R1977
BEYERLEBeyerle BeginningsHartz, Mrs. Deborah, Ed.1991-1993
BLANCHARDFrancis Blanchard Of New York City And Some Of His DescendantsHartman, J CrawfordC 1983
BLASZKOWSKI / BLASKITwo Blaszkowski/Blaski Family Histories From The Early 1800S To The PresentBlaski, Marvin F2004
BLOODThe Story Of The Bloods Harris, Roger Deane1960
BLÜMLEIN / BLUEMLEINNachfahrenliste Für BlümleinBluemlein, HeinzC 1986
BOLTENJohann Adrian Bolten; Der Lebensweg Eines Schleswig Holsteinischen Theologen Und HistorikersWitt, Reimer1979
BONITZSome Bonitz Families; A Genealogical Survey Bonitz, John H1973
BONNEY / CHENEYCalvin Fairbanks Bonney And Harriott Cheney Bonney; A TributeBonney, Sherman Grant1930
BOOMThe Boom History; John Tidde Boom Boom-Mccown, Anna Marie1973
BOONEBoone; The Oregon Trace Biddle, Philip C1981
BOONEThe Boone Family; George And Mary Boone Who Came To America In 1717Spraker, Hazel Atterbury1993
BOUVIERThe Bouviers Davis, John H1969
BOWENGriffith Bowen Of Boston 1893Bowen, Edward Augustus1893
BOWENThe Bowen Family Genealogy Rundstrom, Olive Conover1963
BOYERAmerican Boyers; 7Th. Edition Volume 1 Boyer, Donald Arthur1984
BRANDENBURGThe Brandenburg Family 1752-1980; Harrison County IndianaBrandenburg, E Craig1980
BRAUSSStammfolge Der Familie Brauss; Durch Vier JahrhunderteBrauss, Otto1965
BRENDLINGERThe Brendlinger Family History 1660-1994 Brendlinger, Leroy R1994
BREWSTERThe Brewster Genealogy; 1566-1907; 2 VolumesBrewster-Jones, Emma C1908
BROMMERBrommer Family History Freshwater, Barbara1993
BROWNBrownlee And Smith, And Related Families: Copple, Eichholtz, Hiltibidal, Imbrie And YocumTovar, Carole (Smith)2013
BROWNGrandmother Browns Hundred Years 1827-1927 Brown, Harriet Connor1932
BROWNWendel Brown; Johan Wendel Braun And DescendantsMorgan, Georgia; Nepsund, Jean1987
BROWN / SEYMOURGenealogy Of Elizabeth Caroline Seymour Brown Wife Of Frederick Charles BrownWhitehead, Margaret Covington1954
BRUCKNERAnton Bruckner, Sein Leben Fischer, Hans Conrad1974
BRÜEL / BRUELNiedersächsische Ahnenlisten BrüelBrüel, Eduard1913
BRYANSources, Abstracts And Information Found In Doing Research On Ancestral Line Of Bryan/Bryant/Brian/Brien/Bryont Ci 1600S 1700SBall, Jessie1997
BUBBERSDie Ahnenreihen Des Geschlechts Bubbers Aus Meldorf Kreis Dithmarschen Land Schleswig-Holstein Ab 1600Bubbers, Karl-Helmut1987
BUCHER / BOOKERThe Bucher/Booker Family 1686-1990 Booker, Charles Lee Jr1990
BURBANKGenealogy Of The Burbank Family And The Families Of Bray, Wellcome, Sedgley And WelchSedgley, George Burbank1928
BURCHDaniel Burch; Pioneer And His Descendants Vorkink, Hazel Whitehead1965
BURINGRUNDThrough The Years; Thron Jacobson Buringrund Family 1851-1988Jacobson, Betty1988
BURNSIDEBurnside Biographical DictionaryGaleener-Moore, Laverne1991
BURSONHistory Of The Burson Family Burson, John C1932
BUTLERButler Of Maryland, Virginia And South CarolinaBoddie1945
BYRAMByrams In AmericaByram, John Arnold1996
CALDERWOODThe Calderwood Families Of Scotland, Ireland And America Taylor, Albert A1964
CAMPBELLHistory Of The Campbell Family Lee, Henry1968
CAMPENSCampens Since The Civil War Family News NetworkC 1990
CARROLLA History Of The William Carroll Family Of Allegany County, NyStevenson, Kenyon1929
CARYJohn Cary; The Plymouth PilgrimCary, Seth C1911
CHAPMANChapman And Pugh Family History And Allied FamiliesPugh, Minnie May1976
CHAPPELONEOur Italian Family HistorySalomon, Donna; Looney, Julie2002
CHASTAINPierre Chastain And His Descendants; Vol I Pierre Chastian Family Assn1995
CHILDThe Child Family Child, PaulC 1973
CHURCHILLThe Churchills; From the Death of Marlborough to the Present1958
CHURCHILLThe Early Churchills; An English Family Rowse, A L1956
CLARKThe Clarke Story: Chauncey Dwight Clarke and Marie Rankin ClarkeMartin, George R1956
CLOß / CLOSSDie Kaufmanns - und Fabrikanten - Familie CloßArnold, Juerg1987
CLOVERCROFTClovercroft Chronicles (1314-1893)Haines, Mary Rhodes1893
COBLENTZThe Coblentz Family In America 1743-1982Coblentz, Ruth1982
COBLENZSupplement to The Coblentz Family in America 1743-1982Abbott & Striker
CODER / KODERThe Conrad Coders-Koders 1751-1985 Huffman, Richard Glenn1988
COLECole, Van Auken, Moulton, Woodruff And Related FamiliesKloepfer, W Wesley1989
COLE / KLÖPFER / KLOEPFEREastern Ties; Pedigree records of W. Wesley Klöpfer's maternal line, namely for his mother Atta Virginia Cole KlöpferKloepfer, W. Wesley2015
COLLINSSupplement To The Jonathan Collins Family And DescendantsMarkland, Ruby Collins1985
CONOVERConover Family Of Atlantic County Rudstrom, Olive Conover1949
COOKCook's Crier1984
COOKCook's Crier Index1969-70
COOPERThe Cooper Family Heritage And Its Allied Families Terhune, Gloryanna Cooper1999
CORBINArms Of Corbin Hanna, Judie1991
COREChronicles Of CoreCore, Earl L.1975
COUGHENOURMy Somerset County HeritageCoughenour, Clyde Irvin Jr.2016
COUNCILHodges Councill Of Virginia And Descendants Councill, Judson1941
COVERDALECoverdale; Descendants of Reuben Allen CoverdaleCoverdale, G MilesC 1980
CRAWFORDThe Early Ancestors Of The Crawford's In America Crawford, Fred E1969
CREDECrede: A Family History In France, Germany And The Usa, 1646-1981Crede, George J. Jr.1981
CROWLEYThe Crowley Genealogy Crowley, Harold; Crowley, SueC 1980
CUSHINGThe Genealogy Of The Cushing Family Cushing, Lemuel1877
DAMBMANN500 Jahre Sippengeschichte; Dambmann-Dampmann- Dantmann 1463-1970Weber, Hans (Dr)1972
DASCHERChronik Der Oldenwalder Dascher Dascher, Georg1987
DAVISRecord Of The Davis Family 1756-1932 Davis, Frances FlanaginC 1940
DAWSONA Collection Of Dawson Family Records With Biographical Sketches Of Individuals Bearing The Name DawsonDawson, Charles C1969
DEIERLEINFamilien Deierlein; Deierlein Families Gebhart, Werner1991
DEIMLStammtafel Der Familie Deiml Deiml, Hans1985
DICKINSONReunion Of The Dickinson Family At Amherst Massachusetts 18831884
DIETZGenealogy Of Dietz Ancestors, 1540 To 1952Dietz, George F.1952
DIETZ / DRÜCKERMeine Ahnen, Sippe & Family: Dietz Und DrückerDietz, Dr. Karl Dieter2012
DIRLOFDirlof Is How I Spell It Malone, John Dirolf1988
DISBROWDisbrow Family NewsletterDisbrow, Mike, ed. 1984-1988; 1990-1992
DODDMinnesota Pioneer; Thomas Dodd Toland, Bessie1976
DODEGGE/ DODECKBeiträge Zur Geschichte Der Familie Dodegge/ DodeckDodegge, Werner R1987
DU BOISThe American Descendants Of Chretien Du Bois Of Wicres FranceHeidgerd, William1971
DULINDulin Family In AmericaStewart, Roberta Dulin1961
DÜNNEBACKE / DUENNEBACKEGeschichte Der Familie DünnebackeDünnebacke, Anton1938
DÜNNEBACKE / DUENNEBACKEGeschichte Der Familie Dünnebacke Thiemann, Maria1979
DUNSTAN / DUNSTONE My Family Tree; Dunstan/Dunstone Dunstan, Mary J1984
DUPAYThe Huguenot Bartholomew Dupay And His Descendants Dupuy, B H1908
DUPONTThe DuPont DynastyWinkler, John K1935
DURSTThe Durst And Darst Families Of America Gladden, Sanford Charles1969
DWIGHTThe History Of The Descendants Of John Dwight Of Dedham Massachusetts; Volume I-IIDwight, Benjamin W1874
EARLYRetracing My Steps 1890-1900Keir, Ruth Early1976
EASTMANThat Man Eastman; Vols. I and IIEastman, Charles John1952, 1954
ECKSTEINThe Eckstein Family Of Germany
EHERTFacts, Fiction And Fantasy Of Ehert Ancestors Iseminger, Alice P & Iseminger, Ruth1998
EIB / EYB / VON EYBStory Of Family Eib-Eyb-Von Eyb; Band1 Eib, Frederic1986
ELLISEllis Families Pedigree Collection Martin, Gretchen Ellis1982
ELLSWORTH / WOLCOTTAncestors And Descendants Of Chief Justice Oliver Ellsworth And Wife Abrigale WolcottSiebert, Harriet Ellsworth1940
ELWELLThe Elwell FamilyVan Name, Elmer Garfield1963
EMERCKThe Emerck Family TreeSmith, Charles W Jr1992
EMERSONSThe Haverhill EmersonsPope, Charles Henry1913
ENGELHARD / FERNHOLTZEngelhard; Some 243 Descendants Of Johannes Engelhard And Franziscu Fernholtz C 1800 From Eslohe Westphalia GermanyPeppermuller, Robert1997
ENGELMANN / HILGARDDie kurpfälzischen Familien Engelmann und HilgardBaecker, Gertrud; Engelmann, Fritz 1958
ENTIANEntian, Enzian, Entzian Als Familiennamen Im Deutschen SprachraumHildebrand, HansC 1980
ETTERThe Etter LetterEtter, Dale1960-1966
EWINGOur Ewings In America 1740 To 1966Ewing, Donald Brown1966
FAGANDeo Patriaeque Fidelis; FaganLiddell, Mabel Bennett1967
FEHLER Fehler Ball, Harry M1979
FENNIn Memoriam William Wallace Fenn 1862-1932 Park, Charles E1932
FERRISThe Six Ferris Brothers And Their Families Scofield, Harriet1967
FETZEROne Man's Family; A Historical And Genealogy Of The Fetzer Family Fetzer, John Earl1964
FEYERABENDNachtrag zu Ferd. Friedr. Fabers Württembergischen Familien- Stiftungen, Vol. 127.; Feyerabend-Stiftung in Schwäb. HallBeuttenmüller, Otto1976
FILMERDeep-Rooted In Kent; An Account Of The Filmer FamilyFilmer, Reginald M1977
FINZELChronik Der Familien Finzel Finzel, Hans1987
FISCHERThe Fischer FamilyCraft, Kenneth Fischer, Jr.2016
FLACKFlack Family History; The Descendants Of Benjamin Flack 1781-1850Shoemaker, Caryn R1990
FLESNERThe 100Th Anniversary Book Of The Flesner Family Franzen, John H1949
FLORAThe Flora Family; Huguenot Family Flora, Joel C
FOOTEFoote Coat Of Arms Foote, Effie1982
FORDDr John Perley Ford 1794-1869; His Life And Times, Ancestors, Descendants And Allied Families 1635-1994Ford, Robert W1994
FOSTERClaud Foster; A Biography Thomasson, Wayman1949
FOWLERThe Fowler Family; A Genealogical Memoir 1590-1882 Stickney, Matthew Adams1969
FRIEDERICIDie Familie FriedericiFriederici, GeorgeC 1979
FRIEDRICHErnst Friedrich Von Baden-Durlach Baumann, Werner1962
FRIEDRICHGeschichte Der Familie Friedrich Aus OttweilerFriedrich, Josef1979
FRIESFrom Copenhagen To Okanogan; The Autobiography Of A PioneerFries, U E1951
FRINDFrind Frind, Horst; Frind, Iris1975
FROSTThe Frost Family In England And America With Special Reference To Edmund Frost And Some Of His DescendantsFrost, Thomas G; Frost, Edward L1909
FRYMAN / FREŸMANNThe Fryman/Freÿmann FamilyFryman, James C.2007
FULKERSONA History Of The Fulkerson Family From 1630 To The PresentThompson, Laila Fulkerson1979
FULKERSONA History Of The Fulkerson Family From 1630 To The PresentThompson, Laila Fulkerson1982
FULLERGenealogy Of Some Descendants Of Edward Fuller Of The MayflowerFuller, William Hyslop1908
GALLINGERA Genealogical Survey Of The Gallinger/Galinger Families Of GermanyMautner, HerbC 1985
GALLUPGallup Genealogy; Gallop, Galloup, Galloupe, Gallupe, GallopGallup Family Assoc1987
GARDELSThe Gardels Family History Carr, Nancy Gardels1995
GARSTANGFrom Generation To Generation; The Story Of The Garstangs Of LancashireGurney, S Gamzu1970
GAULYDie Gauly Sippe Familiengeschichtliches Aus Der Zeit 1700-1850 Gauly, Heinz1984
GAULYDie Gauly Sippe Familiengeschichtliches Aus Pfalz Und ElsaßGauly, Heinz1988
GEIMERGeimer : ein rheinländisch-pfälzisches Geschlecht mit Familienzweigen in der Bukowina und in ÜberseeGeimer, Rudolf1959
GERBERGerber History And GenealogyGerber, Nellie; Pansch, Malinda1965
GIFFORDGifford Family; William Gilford Of Sandwich Massachusetts Daniels, Almon; Mclean, Maclean1974
GIRAUD / GEROWThe Giraud-Gerow Family Volumes 1-3Gerow-Lathrop, Frances; Hasbrouck, Kenneth1981-1986
GLEASONShes A Gleason Grindal, Mary1986
GOETHESGöthes Crailsheimer Vorfahren Und Ihre Fränkisch Thüringische VerwandtschaftGünther, Theodor
GONCE / WYNNE Gonce And Wynne Genealogy Clepper, Barbara Gonce1986
GOODGood Folks Gunn, Thomas F1964
GOODWINThe Goodwin Families In America Goodwin, John S1969
GÖRLACH / GOERLACHGeschichte Der Namensträger Görlach Görlach, Alfred1986
GOTTSCHALKGottschalks Aus Remsade Vols I, IIGottschalk, TimothyC 1977
GRAMGram; The Trail Behind The Road Ahead Gram, ConstanceC 1985
GRAMLOWThe Samuel Friedrich Gramlow Family HistoryKratz, Carole D2002
GRAMSDORFFDeutsches Geschlechterbuch; GramsdorffStrutz, Edmund1847
GRÄNNER / GRAENNERDie Gränner Familie Asendorf Und Deren Nachkommen In Deutschland Und AmerikaWehrman, Dietrich1985
GRANTClan Grant Grant, I F1972
GRÄNTZDÖRFFER / GRÄNZDÖRFER/ GRÄNZDÖRFFER / GRENZDÖRFER / GRENZDÖRFFER / GRENZENDÖRFER / GRAENTZDOERFFERStammfolgen der Namensgruppe Gräntzdörffer, Gränzdörfer, Gränzdörffer, Grenzdörfer, Grenzdörffer, und GrenzendörferGrenzendörfer, Wilhelm1971
GRAUEThe Graue Family Peters, Norman R1989
GRIEPPThe Descendants Of Gottfried And Wilhelmine Griepp And Their Hintz And Rathke KinshipsGriepp, Frank; Muriel1980
GRIERGrier Of San Francisco; Builder In The West And His Family 1878-1988 Grier, William M Jr1989
GUGGENHEIMThe Guggenheims; The Making Of An American Dynasty O'Conner, Harvey1937
GUILD / GUILE / GILEThe Genealogy And History Of The Guild, Guile, And Gile FamilyBurleigh, Charles1887
GUYFORDEThe Pylgrymage Of Sir Richard Guyforde Eilis, Sir Henry K H Sec Sa1851
HACKEROTTThe Family Of August Heinrich George Hackerott And Marie Dorothea Elizabeth Kruger HackerottSutter, Karen M1980
HALLThe Hall Family From Warwickshire England To The United StatesHall, Elizbeth & Hall, Richard1999
HAMMOND / HARWOODThe Hammond-Harwood House And Its Owners Beirne, Rosamond; Bevan, Edith1954
HANCOCK / COFER / JONES / MASSIEA General Record Of The Descendants Of Hancock, Cofer, Jones, Massie Families Of Virginia And KentuckyBloore, Helen LC 1940
HARDIN / HARDINGHardin And Harding Of Virginia And Kentucky; 1965 Supplement Wilfeck, Dorothy Ford1965
HARDISONThree Men From Aroostock; The Story Of The Hardison FamilyGrant, Rena V1963
HARPERLife Of Col Jesse Harper Barton, A C1904
HARPERMatters Of Family History; Harper Family 1731-1896Harper, Frances; Harper, James; Harper, Margaret1928
HARRINGTON / LEIGHTONOne Thousand New England Ancestors Of Frank Chester Harrington And Leora (Leighton) HarringtonWeis, Frederick Lewis1958
HARRIS / PATTERSON / POERFamily History Of Harris, Patterson, Poer And Collateral LinesRedding, Lois Harris1975
HART / ELLIOTTThe Descendants Of Lewis Hart And Anne ElliottTorrance, Jared Sidney1923
HARTUNGAhnenliste Der Geschwister Claudia Und Ralf Hartung; Teil IIHartung, Leo1987
HASBROUCKHasbrouck Family In America; Volume 4 Kadlic, Kathleen G1984
HASBROUCKThe Hasbrouck Family In America; Addenda Volume 3Hasbrouck, Kenneth1974
HASBROUCKThehasbrouck Family In America And Europe; Volumes I-IIHasbrouck, Kenneth E Sr1962
HAUBERT /HAUPERTThe Haubert/Haupert FamilyFryman, James C.2007
HAUENSTEIN / SCHIFFERLYThe Hauenstein & Schifferly Families Of Ohio: Chronicles Of Three Families...Who Came From Tegerfelden, Swtzerland, In 1833 And Settled In OhioFisher, Clerice Joy Zehrbach1991
HAZARD / ROODPrecious Heritage; Life Of Rowland Hazard And His Wife Margaret A. RoodHazard, Caroline1929
HEDDEFamilie Hedde Hedde, Klaus P1983
HEFFNERSome 8700+ Heffner Descendants; Volumes I-IIHaffner, Ken1998
HEFFNER / WORLINEDescendants Of Abraham Heffner And Catherine Worline Of Pickaway County OhioPeppermuller, Robert1997
HEFNERHefner Family RecordHefner, Elzie John1997
HEILOne Heil Of A Family; Some Ancestors Of Louis Heil And Elizabeth Susan Steves Heil And Other RelativesHeil, Robert Allen1993
HEILMANDie Orgelbauer Und Organistenfamilien Heilman In HerbernDrees, Josef1980
HEISELFamilie Heisel Mueller, Jacob1977
HELFERICHHelferich Family History Helferich, Buford Patten1983
HELFRICHEDie Helfriche im Gräfensteiner AmtHelfrich, AlfonsC 1985
HELLMANNDie Hellmann : Das Bild einer deutschen FamilieHellmann, Oskar1931
HELTERHelter Family History:Ancestors And Descendants Of Charles And Elizabeth Helter Of Gnadenhutten,OhioGoodall,(Helter)Barbara And George And Williams,(Helter)Elizabeth And Robert E.2007
HENRYThe Descendants Of Philip Henry; Massachusetts Lawrence, Sarah1844
HERRELDie HerrelIrmscher, Klaus1991
HEYWARDThe Heyward Family Of Devon 1580-1931 Heyward, Richard1936
HILLMANA Few More Left: The Story Of Isaac HillmanJones, Henry Z Jr2005
HILLSThe Hills Family Journal Hills Family Assoc1983
HIRSCHStammliste Der Familie Hirsch Aus Alsheim In RheinhessenZwinger, Dieter1984
HIRSCHERFamilie Hirscher Hirscher, Johann BaptistC 1985
HITZEMANNThe Hitzemann Ancestry Lucht, Jane Hitzemann1979
HOCHSTETLERHochstetler, Hostetler, Hochstedler Family Newsletter Hochstetler, Daniel E1990-1993
HÖCHSTETTER / HOECHSTETTERStammtafel Der Höchstetter Hoechstetter, Wilhelm; Hoechstetter, Walter1976
HOELSCHERThe Hoelscher family of Texas : history and genealogy of Anton and Mary Katherine Hoelscher (eight generations), 1846-1978Gold, Theresa; Hoelscher, Donald1979
HOFFMANHoffman Happenings; Newsletter 1991Martineau, Naomi; Martineau, Nolan1991
HOFFMANJohn Hoffman Families Stilgenbauer, Robert M1990
HOISINGTONThe American Family Hoisington Hoisington, Harry1934
HOLMESThe Descendants Of George Holmes Of Roxbury 1594-1908Gray, George Arthur1908
HOLMES / BALDRIDGEHolmes-Baldridge Data Oliver, William1983
HOLTZChronik Der Famile Holtz Gunther, Theodor1987
HORGERSHorgers; Genealogy Of The Horger Family Mckim, Charles MC 1983
HORNGenealogical Data For The Descendants Of Johann Horn Of Pielburg, Neustettin Pommern And Shawano County WisconsinHorn, Merlin1997
HORNUNGJohn B Hornung Families Stilgenbauer, Robert M1996
HOTHEMJohannes Hothem Families Stilgenbauer, Robert M1998
HOWARDThe Howard LineageWeaver, Gustine Courson1929
HOYLEThe Descendants Of John Hoyle Sharp, Elisabeth1979
HULCE / HULSEThe Hulce/Hulse Families In America; Volumes 1-3; Descendants Of Elisha Hulce Of Goshen New York 1725-1796Harper, Lynn C1998
HULLColonial Families Of The Americas; Hull Of MassachusettsJohns, Dorothy Mae1970
HÜNNEKENS / HUENNEKENSHünnekens Family History Hünnekens Family1985
HUNSCHEUnsere Ahnen; Geschichte Der Familien Hunsche Aus WestfalenHunsche, Friedrich Ernst1976
HUNTINGTONForty Acres; The Story Of The Bishop Huntington House Huntington, James Lincoln1949
HUTCHESONHere It Is; Hutcheson Genealogy Greenwood, Martrue Hutcheson1966
HUTCHINSNicholas Hutchins Of Lynn And Groton Massachusetts And His DescendantsHutchins, Marvin C1989
HYERWalter Hyer From Kingston Surrey And Some Of His DescendantsHyer, Richard
IRWINThe Holly Leaf Chronicle Of The Clan Irwin AssociationClan Irwin Assoc2003
ISENSEEThe Isensee Family History Darling, Margery; Miller, Phyllis1985
JACKSONThe Autobiography Of John Bryan Jackson Sr 1878-1964 Jackson, John Bryan Jr1957
JACOBSWilhelm Jacobs; Dokumente Zur Geschichte Der Deutschen EinwanderlingSchmalz, Ingeborg1986
JAMESJesse And Frank James; The Family HistorySteele, Phillip W1991
JANECKEAhnenliste Christoph Janecke Of Potsdam Janecke, Christoph1988
JANKEMy Voyage In The Spring Of 1883 From Balfanz; Hermann August Janke2006
JOCHIMJochim Family History2002
JOHNSONJohnson / Provence Charts Sharp, ElisabethC 1980
JOHNSONOrigin And History Of The Name Of Johnson The Crescent Fam Record1902
JONESHistory And Genealogy Of Daniel Webster JonesDoyle, Amy Jones1953
JONESJones Family History Jones, Carl J1952
JORDAN / BRANTINGFamily Record Of John William Jordan And Julia Branting DescendantsStroh, Beulah Jordan1987
JOSCELYN/JOSLINThe Joscelyn/Joslin Family Skeels, Laura Elmendorf
JULIANGeorge W. JulianClarke, Grace Julian1923
JULIAN / MERRILLJulian Family History; Vol I; David Julian And Elizabeth Merrill AncestryJulian, Pamela1993
JULIAN / MERRILLJulian Family History; Vol II; David Julian And Elizabeth Merrill AncestryJulian, Pamela1993
JUNGEBeitrage Zur Genealogie Des Geschlechte Junge In WestholsteinJunge, Karl Hermann1976
JUNGENChristian Jungen Family In Switzerland And America 1935-1978Eberle, Maxine Renner1978
KÄLBER / KAELBERDie Namensvorkommen Des Namens KälberKälber, Benno1962
KALLMEYERKallmeyer; The Descendants Of John Henry Kallmeyer And Mary Catherine BierbaumAndrews, Ilene Prouty
KANTHAKKanthak Family, A Pommeranian FamilyKanthak, HerbC 1993
KARCHERDie Familie Karcher Aus Dem Saarland Eine StammfogleKarcher, George; Karcher, Fritz1979
KARNThe Karn Family History Karn, Gordon MC 1990
KARNThe Karn Heritage Buettell, T Dwight1989
KEAHEYKeahey Clansman Revisited Reeves, Emma Barrett1980
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