IGS Catalog – Media Collection

IGS Media Collection

This collection of media consists of CD, DVDs, Microfilm and Microfiche that are still available to view at the Immigrant Library in Burbank. Most items listed are available through various other genealogy sites on the internet, but some are unique and can only be seen with a visit to the library.

Especially of note are the Schaumburg-Lippe Church Records, on microfilm. This list of 46 available churchbooks can be viewed on our microfilm reader.

IGS Catalog – CDs, DVDs, Microfilm, Microfiche

Please note that IGS is in the process of re-cataloging its collection. To request more information on any item listed in this catalog, please visit our Remote Look-Up Services web page and fill out the form.

This table lists all items in the IGS media collection. View the key to abbreviations used in the table, below.

ATLNTHCD-ROMA Virtual Visit To The NetherlandsNetherlands Foreign Ministry (2003)
BIOUSACD-ROMAmerican Genealogical-Biographical IndexAncestry.Com (2000)
CHNRWCD-ROMWestdeutsche Gesellschaft Fuer Familienkunde; Kirchenbuechern Und StandesamtsregisternWestdeutsche Gesellschaft Fuer Familienkunde (1996-1999)
DIRIRECD-ROMShaws Dublin City Directory 1851 And Parish Register Of Holy Trinity Micklegate York 1586-1777Your Family Tree Future Publ (2004)
EMGER / SWTCD-ROMGerman And Swiss Settlers In America 1700's-1800's; Immigration RecordsFamily Tree Maker, Broderbünd Software (2000)
EMHESCD-ROMThe Hessian Collection; CD Volume I Heritage Books
EMMEKCD-ROMIMAR, Institute For Migration And Ancestral ResearchIMAR (2001)
EMMEKCD-ROMVon Mecklenburg In Die Welt; Emigration Im 19 JahrhundertIMAR (2002)
EMNRWCD-ROMAuswanderer Aus Dem Rheinland; Emigrant File RhinelandNordrhein-Westfaelisches Hauptstaatsarchiv (1997)
GENGERCD-ROMGenealogie Service Lexikon; Das Nachschlagewerk Fuer Ahnenforscher Tausende Namen, Orte Und Begriffe AufGenealogie Service (2001)
GENMDCD-ROMColonial Families Of Maryland 1600'S-1900'SFamily Tree Maker, Broderbünd Software (1998)
GENNJCD-ROMNew Jersey Genealogies #1, 1600'S-1800'SFamily Tree Maker, Broderbünd Software (1997)
GENCD-ROMFamily Tree Maker; Family Pedigrees; Version 8Family Tree Maker, Broderbünd Software (2000)
HISTMDCD-ROMMaryland Settlers And Soldiers 1700's-1800'sFamily Tree Maker, Broderbünd Software (2000)
IMGERCD-ROMPassenger And Immigration Lists; Germans To America 1850-1874Family Tree Maker; Broderbünd Software (1999)
IMHESCD-ROMRevolutionary War Era (The Hessian Collection, Volume 1)Burgoyne, Bruce (1999)
IMLACD-ROMPassenger And Immigration Lists; New Orleans 1820-1850Family Tree Maker; Broderbünd Software (1999)
IMLACD-ROMPassenger List Series: New Orleans Passenger Lists 1840-1849Ultimate Family Data Library, Palladium Interactive (1998)
IMNYCD-ROMPassenger And Immigration Lists; New York 1820-1850Family Tree Maker; Broderbünd Software (1999)
IMUSACD-ROMPassenger List Series: U.S. Ports Passenger Lists 1820-1830Ultimate Family Data Library, Palladium Interactive (1998)
INDXENGCD-ROMThe British 19Th Century Surname AtlasGuild Of One-Name Studies; Archer Software (2015)
LANDUSACD-ROMLand Records: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin 1790-1907Family Tree Maker; Broderbünd Software (1996)
MARRNYCD-ROMMarriage Index: New York City 1600'S-1800'SFamily Tree Maker; Broderbünd Software (1998)
MARRUSNECD-ROMUnited States 1691-1850 Marriage IndexHeritage Quest (1998)
MILUSACD-ROMFederal Pensioners Roll Of 1883Heritage Quest (1998)
ORTSARCD-ROMDie Einwohner Von Roden Vor 1815Zenner, Rudolf; Quellen Zur Genealogie Im Landkreis Saarlouis (2001)
PERENGCD-ROMJournal Of One-Name StudiesGuild Of One-Name Studies; Archer Software (2016)
PERGERCD-ROMGerman Genealogical DigestJensen, Larry (1985-2004)
PERCD-ROMHeritage Quest; The Genealogy Magazine CD; 14 Years 1985-1999Heritage Quest (2000)
REFMILCD-ROMThe Civil War CD-ROM: The War of the RebellionGuild Press of IN (1996)
REFNSACD-ROMFamilienkunde Nieddersachsen, Nr 3(2006)
TELEAUSCD-ROMA-Info, Adress Und Telefonauskunft ÖsteerreichTopware (1996)
TELEBLGCD-ROMB-Info, Adress- Und Telefonauskunft BelgienTopware (1997)
TELEENGCD-ROMUK-Info, Address And Telephone Information For The United KingdomTopware (1996)
TELEGERCD-ROMDas Telefonbuch Für Deutschland 2001Deutsche Telecom (2000)
TELEGERCD-ROMKlicktel 2002 Die Preis-Werte Auskunft In Ihrem PcKlicktel (2002)
TELEGERCD-ROMTeleinfo-CD For Germany 1995Tele-Info (1995)
TELEITLCD-ROMI-Info, Address And Telephone Information For ItalyTopware (1996)
TELENTHCD-ROMNL-Info, Address Und Telephone Information For The NetherlandsTopware (1996)
TELEUSACD-ROMPowerfinder, U.S. Phonedisc 1999Phonedisc, Info USA (1998)
TELEUSACD-ROMU.S. Homes, Phonedisc 1997Phonedisc (1997)
VITARCD-ROMArkansas Prior Birth IndexArkansas Genealogival Society (2006)
VITARCD-ROMArkansas Prior Birth Index Volumes 1 & 2Arkansas Gen Soc Arkansas Gen Soc (2003)
EMEURDVDDestination America: The Great European EmigrationKnauf, Diethelm; Edition Temmen DVD (2010)
ATLEEURFICHECentral European Maps 1832-1870; 1:200,000Reymann, G D; Library Council Of Victoria (1988)
ATLILFICHE1952 Atlas Of Illinois Counties Hixson, W W (1952)
CENILFICHEBoone County Illinois Federal Census 1880Johnson, Martin (1880)
CENNYFICHE1855 Wheatfield Twp, Niagara Co, New York State Census Johnson, Martin (1855)
CHPOMFICHEOld Lutherans In Wisconsin And Minnesota 1842-1899 Johnson, Martin
CHPOMFICHEReligious Migration Of Lutherans To AustraliaIwan, Wilhelm Walter (1931)
CHSILFICHEReligious Migrations In Silesia Province Of Germany 1937Iwan, Wilhelm Walter (1931)
CHSWEFICHESwenson Swedish Immigration Research Center; U.S. And Canadian Church Records On FilmJohnson, Martin (1990)
DIRILFICHE1844 General Directory Of Chicago Norris J W (1844)
DIRMIFICHEDetroit Michigan City Directory 1846Wellings (1846)
DIRMNFICHESt Paul Minnesota City Directory 1863Bailey, A (1963)
DIRNYFICHEBuffalo City New York Directory 1844Walker, Horation N (1844)
DIRWIFICHEDirectory Of The City Of Milwaukee; 1948-1949 King, Rufus (1949)
EMGERFICHEGermanic Emigrants RegisterGermanic Emigrants Register (1992)
HISTTNFICHEEarly History Of Carter Co, Tennessee 1760-1861unk
IMAUTFICHEIndex To Emigrants From Hamburg To Australia 1860-1869Kopittke, Eric; Kopittke, Rosemary
IMSAFFICHEGermans In South Africa 1858Schwaer, J F; Pape, B E (1958)
INDXFICHEFamily History Catalog; The Sutro Library Branch Of California State Library; SurnamesFamily Hist Center (1982)
MARRALFICHEAlabama Marriages, Early To 1825Dodd, Jordon (1991)
MARRARFICHEArkansas Marriages, Early To 1850Dodd, Jordon (1991)
MARRDCFICHEDistrict Of Columbia Marriages, Early To 1825Dodd, Jordon (1991)
MARRGAFICHEGeorgia Marriages, Early To 1800Dodd, Jordon (1991)
MARRIAFICHEIowa Marriages, Early To 1850Dodd, Jordon (1991)
MARRILFICHEIllinois Marriages, Early To 1825Dodd, Jordon (1991)
MARRILFICHEWinnebago County Illinois; Bride Marriage Index 1836-1916Winnebago Co IL (C 1992)
MARRILFICHEWinnebago County Illinois; Groom Marriage Index 1836-1916Winnebago Co IL (C 1992)
MARRIN FICHEIndiana Marriages, Early To 1825Dodd, Jordon (1991)
MARRKYFICHEKentucky Marriage Index For BridesCommonwealth Of KY; Dept Of Information Systems (1988)
MARRKYFICHEKentucky Marriage Index For Grooms Commonwealth Of KY; Dept Of Information Systems (1991)
MARRKYFICHEKentucky Marriages, Early To 1800Dodd, Jordon (1991)
MARRMOFICHEMissouri Marriages, Early To 1825Dodd, Jordon (1991)
MARRMSFICHEMississippi Marriages, Early To 1825Dodd, Jordon (1991)
MARRNCFICHENorth Carolina Marriages 1801-1825Dodd, Jordon (1991)
MARRNCFICHENorth Carolina Marriages; Early To 1800Dodd, Jordon (1991)
MARRTNFICHEMarriage Records Of Washington County Tennessee 1787-1840unk
MARRTNFICHETennessee Marriages, 1801-1825Dodd, Jordon (1991)
MARRTNFICHETennessee Marriages, Early To 1800Dodd, Jordon (1991)
MARRTXFICHETexas Marriages, Early To 1850Dodd, Jordon (1991)
MARRVAFICHEVirginia Marriages, Early To 1800Dodd, Jordon (1991)
MILKYFICHE1890 Veterans Census Index; KentuckyIndex Publishing (1984)
MILMAFICHE1890 Veterans Census Index; MassachusettsIndex Publishing (1984)
MILMDFICHE1890 Veterans Census Index; MarylandIndex Publishing (1984)
MILMEFICHE1890 Veterans Census Index; MaineIndex Publishing (1984)
MILMIFICHE1890 Veterans Census Index; MichiganIndex Publishing (1984)
MILMOFICHE1890 Veterans Census Index; MissouriIndex Publishing (1984)
MILMSFICHE1890 Veterans Census Index; MississippiIndex Publishing (1984)
MILTXFICHE1890 Veterans Census Index; TexasIndex Publishing (1984)
MILVAFICHE1890 Veterans Census Index; VirginiaIndex Publishing (1984)
MILWIFICHEWisconsin Volunteers; War Of The Rebellion 1861-1865WI State (1861)
MILWVFICHE1890 Veterans Census Index; West VirginiaIndex Publishing (1984)
RELLUTHFICHEAmerican Lutheran Church Records On MicrofilmJohnson, Martin Alc Archive
VITILFICHEWinnebago County Illinois; Birth Index 1877-1916Winnebago Co IL (C 1992)
VITILFICHEWinnebago County Illinois; Death Index 1877-1916Winnebago Co IL (C 1992)
VITKYFICHEKentucky Death Index 1911-1986Commonwealth Of KY; Dept Of Information Systems (1988)
BIOGERFILMDeutsches Biographisches Archivunk
CHNRWFILMSchaumburg-Lippe Church Recordsunk
IMENGFILMColony Of Heiligoland/Helgoland Census 1881 Public Record Of Surrey, Anglo Ger Fam Hist Soc (1999)