IGS Catalog – Genealogy Reference

General Genealogy Reference

This catalogue contains reference material that is general in scope or region. Subjects include genealogical how-to guides, histories, biographies, heraldry, occupations, archives, and resources related to various ethnic and religious groups.

IGS Catalog – General Genealogy Reference

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REFARCMuseums Of The United States And Canada American Assoc Of Museums (1965)
REFARCNational Archives; Microfilm Resources For Research; A Comprehensive Catalog NARA (C 1990)
REFARCNewspaper Holdings On Microfilm; CSUN Northridge CA Read, Don; Imbach, Lisle (C 1980)
REFARCThe Catalog To The Circulating Collection Of New England Historic Genealogical Society; 3 VolumesNew Eng Hist & Gen Soc (1980-1981)
REFATL1997 Road Atlas; Rand McNally Rand McNally (1997)
REFATLConventional Names Gazetteer; Countries Us Board On Geographic Names (1972)
REFATLDTV Atlas Zur Weltgeschichte Band 1 Kinder, Herman; Hilgemann, Werner (1970)
REFATLGazetteer Of Conventional Names; 2nd Edition Us Board On Geographic Names (1977)
REFATLGrosser Historischer Weltatlas Bayerischer Schulbuch (1953)
REFATLGrosser Schulatlas Eggers, W (1941)
REFATLHammond Historical Atlas Of The World 1979 (Maps) Hammond (C 1979)
REFATLHarms Einheitliches Unterrichtswerk Grosser Schulatlas Eggers, W (1941)
REFATLHarms Geschichts Und Kulturatlas (Harms Historical And Cultural Atlas: Maps And Documents On World History) (1965)
REFATLHerders Welt=Und Wirtlchafts Atlas (Herder's World And Economy Atlas) Herder (1932)
REFATLMaps: United States State Maps Williams, Dorthy Lazelle
REFATLNational Geographic Atlas Of The World Grosvenor, Gilbert M (1995)
REFATLPictorial Atlas Of The World Ottenheimer Publ (1995)
REFATLPutzger Historischer Atlas; Zur Welt Und Schweizer Geschichte (Historical Atlas Of World And Swiss History) Mueller-Wolfer, Theodor (1994)
REFATLRand McNally Commercial Atlas & Marketing Guide Rand McNally (1963)
REFATLThe American Guide; A Source Book And Travel Guide Alsberg, Henry G (1949)
REFATLThe Americas; Official Standard Names Gazetteer Supplement Us Board On Geographic Names (1971)
REFATLThe Anchor Atlas Of World History Volume I Kinder, Hermann; Hilgemann, Werner (1974)
REFATLThe Anchor Atlas Of World History Volume II Kinder, Hermann; Hilgemann, Werner (1978)
REFATLThe International Geographic Encyclopedia And Atlas Houghton Mifflin Co (1979)
REFATLThe Times Atlas Of The World (5 Books) Bartholomew, John (1958)
REFATLThe United States With An Excursion Into Mexico 1893 (A Handbook For Travelers; Maps) Baedeker, Karl (1971)
REFATLUnited States Official Postal Guide July 1947 (Post Offices Alpha List, By States, & By States/Counties.) Us Postal Dept (1947)
REFBIOAmerican Biography; A New Cyclopedia Notable Advisory Bd (1934)
REFBIOAmerican Genealogical-Biographical Index (2000)
REFBIOBiographies Of Our Noted Men (Photos) Thompson; Thomas (C 1890)
REFBIOCompendium Of American Genealogy; Volume V (First Families Of America) Virkus, Frederick Adams (1968)
REFBIODictionary Of National Biography 1951-1960 Williams, E T ; Palmer, Helen (1971)
REFBIOInternational Register Of Biographies 1984 Dingli-Attard-Inguanez, Marcel (1984)
REFBIOPersonalities Of The West And Midwest; 8Th Edition 1984 American Biographical Institute (1984)
REFBIOThe Abridged Compendium Of American Genealogy; Volume III (Encyclopedia Of The First Families Of America) Virkus, Frederick Adams (1928)
REFBIOThe Americana; A Universal Reference Library Americana Corp (1933)
REFBIOThe Compendium Of American Genealogy; Volume VII (First Families Of America) Virkus, Frederick Adams (1968)
REFBIOThe International Blue Book; Who's Who In The World Ringrose, Hyacinthe (1941)
REFBIOWhos Who In American Art Gilbert, Dorothy B (1962)
REFCEN1790 Census Population Schedules; Connecticut To Virginia Counties; #1-3 NARA (1790)
REFCEN1900 Federal Population Census (Form Samples) Natl Archives Trust Fund Board (1979)
REFCEN1990 Census Of Population Supplementary Reports: Detailed Ancestry Groups For States U.S. Department Of Commerce Economics And Statistics Administration Bureau Of The Census (1992)
REFCENCity, County, Town And Township Index; 1850 Federal Census Parker, J Carlyle (1979)
REFCENFederal Population Census 1790-1890 Natl Archives Trust Fund Board (1979)
REFCENGenealogy Bulletin: State Censuses And Substitutes (Issues 61 To 70) Dollarhide, William (FEB. 2004 THRU AUG. 2005)
REFCENHandy Tips On How To Use The U.S. Census Records Everton Publ (1996)
REFCENMap Guide To The U.S. Federal Censuses 1790-1920 Thorndale, William; Dollarhide, William (1987)
REFCENState Census Records Lainhart, Ann S (1992)
REFCENSurnames Listed In The 1790 United States Census; Reprint Us Gov (1909)
REFCENThe 1910 Federal Population Census (Forms; Catalog Of Microfilm Copies Of Schedules; Appendices) Natl Archives Trust Fund Board (1982)
REFCENTwenty Censuses; Population And Housing Questions 1790-1980 (Form Samples) Us Dept Of Census (1979)
REFCENU S Vital Records Catalog Ancestry Inc (1985)
REFCENUnited States Census Compendium (Maps) Stemmons, John (1973)
REFCENYour Guide To The Federal Census; For Genealogists, Researchers And Family Historians Hinckley, Kathleeen W (2002)
REFDICTCondensed American Cyclopedia; A Popular Dictionary Of General Knowledge; V I-IV (4 Books) Ripley, G; Dana, Charles (1877)
REFDICTTabor's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary Taber, Clarence W (1989)
REFDICTThe Readers Digest Encyclopedic Dictionary; 3Rd Edition (Word Origins Better Usage; German-English; French-English; Spanish-English) Funk & Wagnalls Corp (1969)
REFDICTWebster's New Collegiate Dictionary A Merriam Webster (1961)
REFDICTWhat Did They Mean By That? Drake, Paul (1994)
REFDIRAmerican Genealogist; A Catalogue Of Family Histories Munsell, Joel (1971)
REFDIRCalifornia Family Researchers Directory 1997 Edkin, Barbara (1997)
REFDIRDirectory Of American Libraries With Genealogical Or Local History Societies Filby, P William (1988)
REFDIRDirectory Of Family Associations Bentley, Elisabeth Petty (1991)
REFDIRDirectory Of Special Libraries And Information Center; Volume 1 Kruzas, Anthony T (1968)
REFDIRGale's Guide To Genealogical & Historical Research: Instant Access To Associations, Libraries, Publishers, Research Centers, Databases, Online Services, Periodicals, Directories, And Newsletters That Provide Information About Genealogical And Historical F Desjardins, Dawn Conzett (2000)
REFDIRGothaischer Genealogischer Hofkalender (Genealogical Directory Of The Court) (1886) Perthes, Justus (1886)
REFDIRGothaischer Genealogischer Hofkalender (Genealogical Directory Of The Court) (1897) Perthes, Justus (1897)
REFDIRGothaischer Genealogischer Hofkalender (Genealogical Directory Of The Court) (1905) Perthes, Justus (1905)
REFDIRNational Associations Of The United States Judkins, Jay (1949)
REFDIRThe Ancestry Family Historians Address Book Smith, Juliana Szucs (1997)
REFDIRThe Social Directory Of The United States 1939 (Club List) Soc Dir Of The Us (1939)
REFETHA Tune In The Air; An Understanding And Research Guide To The Colonists, Native Americans, Black Indians And Vikings Of The East Coast Hillard, Mary (1992)
REFETHBlack Genealogy Blockson, Charles L (1977)
REFETHCalifornia African American Genealogical Society; Beginning Genealogy Ca African Am Gen Soc (1995)
REFETHDatabase Index Listed By Tribe; Listing Names, Birth Places And Tribes Of Colonists, Native Americans, Black Indians And Vikings Of The East Coast Hillard, Mary (1992)
REFETHEncyclopedia Directory Of Ethnic Newspapers & Periodicals Wynar, L R (1972)
REFETHHispanic Surnames And Family History Platt, Lyman D (1996)
REFETHList Of Ethnic And Religious Societies Summit Publ (?)
REFETHList Of Miscellaneous Sources Valuable To Historians And Researchers Of Colonists, Native Americans, Black Indians And Vikings Of The East Coast Hillard, Mary (1992)
REFETHNegro Who's Who In California (Biographies Of Pioneers) Wynn, Commodore (1948)
REFETHOur Native Americans And Their Records Of Genealogical Value Kirkham, E Kay (1980)
REFETHThe American Negro Reference Book; Volume II Davis, John P (1966)
REFETHThe Gypsies Yoors, Jan (1967)
REFETHThe Hispanic American Historical Review American Hist Assoc (1970)
REFETHTracing Your Hispanic Heritage Ryskamp, George R (1984)
REFHERCalifornia Dar Ancestry Guide The California State Society NSDAR (1976)
REFHERColonial Daughters Of The Seventeenth Century Col Daughters Of The 17Th Cen (1944)
REFHERDar Patriot Index 1966 (2 Books) Natl Soc Of Dar (1966)
REFHERDar Patriot Index; 1969, 1973, 1976 Supplements (Supplanted By Index Vol. 2 - See #1781) (3 Books) Smith, W R (Mrs) (1969-1976)
REFHERDar Patriot Index; Volume II (Replaces #983 Supplements To Vol. I) Natl Soc Of Dar (1979)
REFHERFounders Of Early American Families: Emigrants From Europe, 1607-1657 Colket, Meredith B., Jr. Et. Al. (1985)
REFHERIndex Of The Rolls Of Honor In The Lineage Books Of The National Society Of The Dar; Volumes 1-80 Dar (1980)
REFHERIndex Of The Rolls Of Honor In The Lineage Books Of The National Society Of The Dar; Volumes 81-160 Dar (1980)
REFHERLineages Of Members Of The National Society Of The Sons And Daughters Of The Pilgrims 1929-1952 Natl Soc-Sons & Daughters Of The Pilgrims (1988)
REFHERLineages Of Members Of The National Society Of The Sons And Daughters Of The Pilgrims To January 1929 Natl Soc-Sons & Daughters Of The Pilgrims (1988)
REFHERRevolutionary Lineages: Everyname Index To The Registrar's Records (Duplicate Applications, Nos. 1-1181) Gradeless, Donald E. (1986)
REFHERSixteen Hundred Lines To Pilgrims; Lineage Book III Natl Soc-Sons & Daughters Of The Pilgrims (1996)
REFHISTAnnual Report Of The American Historical Association For The Year 1915 Walcott, Charles D. (1917)
REFHISTComing To America: A History Of Immigration And Ethnicity In American Life Daniels, Roger (1990)
REFHISTLiving Past Of America; Pictorial Treasury Of Historical Houses And Villages Vanderbilt, Cornelius Jr (1963)
REFHISTPeters Synchronoptische Weltgeschichte Peters, Arno (1952)
REFHISTPioneer Women; Lives Of Women Of The Frontier Peavy, Linda; Smith, Ursula (1998)
REFHISTThe Deathless Story Of The Titanic Gibbs, Philip (1972)
REFHISTThe Peoples Chronology; A Year By Year Record Of Human Events From Prehistory To Present Trager, James (1992)
REFHISTThe Readers Companion To American History Foner, Eric; Garraty, John (1991)
REFHISTTo America: The Story Of Why People Left Their Homes For The New Land Tripp, Eleanor B. (1969)
REFHLDA Complete Guide To Heraldry Fox-Davies, Arthur Charles (C 1910)
REFHLDA Glossary Of Terms Used In Heraldry Parker, James (1971)
REFHLDA Roll Of Arms (6 Books) New England Hist & Gen Soc (1950-1954)
REFHLDArmorial General; Dictionnaire Des Termes Du Blason Volumes I-II (2 Books) Rietstap, J B (1975)
REFHLDCrosier's General Armory (American Coats Of Arms) Crozier, William Armstrong (1972)
REFHLDHeraldic Monograph Series Of American Society Of Heraldry American Soc Of Heraldry (1967)
REFHLDHeraldry For The American Genealogist Stephenson, Jean (1959)
REFHLDInternational Heraldry Pine, L G (1970)
REFHLDLines Of Succession; Heraldry Of The Royal Families Of Europe (Isbn 0-356203352) Maclagan, Michael; Louda, Jiri (1981)
REFHLDRollands Illustrations To The Armorial General I-IV (European Surname Coats Of Arms) (3 Books) Rietstap, J B (1967)
REFHLDTeach Yourself Heraldry And Genealogy Pine, L G (1966)
REFHLDThe Right To Bear Arms Fox-Davies, A C (1900)
REFHLDThe Story Of Heraldry Pine, L G (1963)
REFHLDThe Story Of Titles Pine, L G (1969)
REFHLDV And H V Rollands Supplement To The Armorial General; IV-IX (6 Books) Rietstap, J B (1970-1971)
REFHLDWoodwards A Treatise On Heraldry British And Foreign Woodward, J; Burnett, G (1969)
REFHOWA Handy Guide To The Record Searching In The Larger Cities Of The United States Kirkham, E Kay (1974)
REFHOWAncestrys Red Book; American State County And Town Sources (Revised Edition) Eichholz, Alice (1992)
REFHOWBeyond Vital Records Everton Publ (1996)
REFHOWBuilding An American Pedigree Wright, Norman E (1979)
REFHOWCompendium Of Historical Sources; The How And Where Of American Genealogy Bremer, Ronald A (1998)
REFHOWFamily Reunion Handbook; A Complete Guide For Reunion Planners Ninkovich, Thomas (1998)
REFHOWGenealogical Research Standards Harland, Derek (1963)
REFHOWGenealogy; Helps Hints And Hope Heisey, John W (1995)
REFHOWGuide To Genealogical Research In The National Archives NARA (1982)
REFHOWHandbook Of American Genealogy (Genealogies, Heraldry, Geographic Register, Who's Who) Virkus, Frederick A (1932)
REFHOWHandy Book For Genealogists; 8Th Edition 1991 (Replaced By 10Th Ed. (#5385)) Everton Publ (1991)
REFHOWHow You Can Trace Your Family Roots Playle, Ron (1977)
REFHOWHuntington Library Sharp, Elisabeth (C 1983)
REFHOWIgs Orientation Haffner, Gerda (1990)
REFHOWInternational Vital Records Handbook; 3Rd Ed Kemp, Thomas Jay (1990)
REFHOWLocating Lost Family Members And Friends Hinckley, Kathleen W (1999)
REFHOWMorbus; Why And How Our Ancestors Died Chorzempa, Rosemary A (C 1988)
REFHOWNetting Your Ancestors; Genealogical Research On The Internet Howells, Cyndi (1997)
REFHOWOvercoming Dead Ends Carlberg, Nancy E (1991)
REFHOWPrinted Sources: A Guide To Published Genealogical Records Meyerink, Kory L. (1998)
REFHOWSources And Repositories Gencor (C 1980)
REFHOWThe Everything Family Tree Book Hartley, William G (1998)
REFHOWThe Genealogists Companion And Source Book Croom, Emily Anne (1994)
REFHOWThe Handy Book For Genealogists (Replaced By 10Th Ed. (#5385)) Everton Publ Inc (C 1992)
REFHOWThe Handybook For Genealogists; United States Of America; 10Th Edition (Replaces #4216, #6104) Everton (2002)
REFHOWThe Researcher's Guide To American Genealogy (Replaces 1st Ed. (#1979)) (2nd Ed.) Greenwood, Val D. (1990)
REFHOWThe Researchers Guide To American Genealogy (Replaces Duplicate (#451); Replaced By #6668) Greenwood, Val D (1975)
REFHOWThe Source; A Guidebook Of American Genealogy 1997 Szucs, Loretta; Luebking, Sandra (1997)
REFHOWTracing Your Ladies On Your Pedigree Eakle, Arlene
REFHOWTracing Your Roots; Locating Your Ancestors Through Landscape And History Wheeler, Meg (1996)
REFHOWUnlocking The Secrets In Old Photographs Frisch-Ripley, Karen (1991)
REFHOWUnpuzzling Your Past; A Basic Guide To Genealogy Croom, Emily Anne (1989)
REFHOWVital Records Handbook Kemp; Thomas J (1989)
REFHOWVoices In Your Blood; Discovering Identity Through Family History Vandagriff, G G (1993)
REFHOWYour Guide To Cemetery Research Carmack, Sharon (2002)
REFINDXBiography And Genealogy Master Index; 8 Volumes (8 Books) Herbert, Miranada; Mc Neil, Barbara (1980)
REFINDXFamily History Catalog; The Sutro Library Branch Of California State Library; History Family Hist Center (1982)
REFINDXFamily History Catalog; The Sutro Library Branch Of California State Library; Surnames Family Hist Center (1982)
REFINDXGenealogies In The Library Of Congress; 3 Books (3 Books) Kaminkow, Marion (1976)
REFLANDAmerican Property Records Eakle, Arlene (1973)
REFLANDFederal Land Series Volume 1; 1788-1810 Smith, Clifford Neal (1972)
REFLANDFederal Land Series Volume 2; 1799-1835; Federal Bounty Land Warrants Of The American Revolution Smith, Clifford Neal (1973)
REFLANDFederal Land Series; Grants In The Virginia Military District Of Ohio Volume 4 Part 2 (Maps-Calendar Of Archival Materials On Land Patents Issued By The U.S. Government) Smith, Clifford Neal (1986)
REFLANDFederal Land Series; Grants In The Virginia Military District Of Ohio; Volume 4 Part 1 (Maps, Calendar Of Archival Materials On Land Patents) Smith, Clifford Neal (1982)
REFLANDFederal Land Series; Volume 3 1810-1814 (Maps, Calendar Of Archival Materials On Land Patents) Smith, Clifford Neal (1980)
REFLANDLand And Property Research In The United States Hone, E Wade (1997)
REFLANDLocating Your Roots; Discover Your Ancestors Using Land Records Hatcher, Patricia (2003)
REFLANDThe Basic Researchers Guide To Homestead And Other Federal Land Records Barsi, James C (1994)
REFLANDThe Land Records Of America And Their Genealogical Value (Maps, Docs) Kirkham, F Kay (1964)
REFMILCivil War Genealogy Schweitzer, George K (1984)
REFMILCivil War Veteran Burial Listings; Volume VIII Pompey Sherman Lee (1965)
REFMILCompiled Service Records Of Soldiers Who Served In The American Army During The Revolutionary War (Film #M881) Natl Archives Trust Fund Board (1976)
REFMILDie Bitter Und Verdienst Orden, Chrenzeichen Und Medaillen Aller Souveräne Und Staaten (The Knights And Merit Orders, Decorations, And Medals Of All Sovereigns And States) Troit, L. J. (1910)
REFMILFederal Pensioners Roll Of 1883; CD (Cd #C0018 ) Heritage Quest (1998)
REFMILFor King Or Country Volume I; American Revolutionary War Era Ancestors With 200 Years Of Descendants Orange Co Gen Soc (1975)
REFMILFor King Or Country Volume II; American Revolutionary War Era Ancestors With 200 Years Of Descendants Orange Co Gen Soc (1976)
REFMILFrench And Indian War Notices Abstracted From Colonial Newspapers, Vol 1: 1754-1755 Lucier, Armand F. (1999)
REFMILFrench And Indian War Notices Abstracted From Colonial Newspapers, Vol 2: 1756-1757 Lucier, Armand F. (1999)
REFMILFull Color Uniforms Of The Prussian Army; 72 Plates From The Year 1830 (Uniforms Of The American, British, French And German Armies In The American Revolution) Sachse, L & Co
REFMILHow To Locate Anyone Who Has Been In The Military Johnson, Richard; Knox, Debra (1999)
REFMILIndex Of Revolutionary War Pension Applications In The National Archives; 3Rd Edition Natl Gen Soc (1976)
REFMILIndian Warfare In Western Pennsylvania And North West Virginia At The Time Of The American Revolution Lobdell, Jared C., With Notes By Lyman Cooper Draper (1992)
REFMILLetter From The Secretary Of War Transmitting A Report Of The Names, Rank And Line Of Every Person Placed On The Pension List 1818 Us Government (1987)
REFMILLoyalists In The Southern Campaign Of The Revolutionary War; Volume III Clark, Murtie June (1981)
REFMILOfficial Army Register 1904 War Department (1904)
REFMILPrisoners Who Died At Andersonville Prison; Atwater List 1864-1865 (Union Soldiers Buried At Andersonville) Atwater, Dorance (1981)
REFMILSoldiers All; Portraits And Sketches Of Men Of A E F (Portraits) Chase, Joseph Cummings (1920)
REFMILSummer Soldiers; Survey & Index Of Revolutionary War Courts-Martial Neagles, James C (1986)
REFMILThe Border Wars Of The Upper Ohio Valley (1769-1794) Hintzen, William (1999)
REFMILThe Civil War CD-Rom, The War Of The Rebellion Guild Press Of In (1996)
REFMILThe Great War: A Guide To The Service Records Of All The World's Fighting Men And Volunteers Schaefer, Christina K. (1998)
REFMILThe Toll Of Independence; Engagements And Battle Casualties Of The American Revolution Peckham, Howard (1974)
REFMILTracing Your Civil War Ancestor Groene, Bertram H (1992)
REFMILU.S. Military Records; A Guide To Federal And State Sources, Colonial America To The Present Neagles, James C (1994)
REFMILU.S. Navy Supply Corps Officers Directory 1982 Navy Supply Pub, Dept Of Navy (1981)
REFNAMEAmerican Surnames Smith, Elsdon (2003)
REFNAMENames, Nicknames And Misspelled Names Carlberg, Nancy (2002)
REFNEWSAbstracts Of Obituaries In The Western Christian Advocate 1834-1850 Walters, Margaret R Et Al (1988)
REFNOBBurkes Family Index Burke's Peerage Ltd (1976)
REFNOBFamily Records Burke, Ashworth P (1965)
REFNOBKings, Rulers And Statesmen (Lists Most Of The Countries Of The World With Tables Of Their Past Kings & Rulers) Wise, L F; Egan, E W
REFNOBMagna Charta; Vol II-III-VI-VII (4 Books) Wurts, John S (1945)
REFNOBThe Continuity Of Kingship
REFNOBThe Jacobite Peerage Massue, Melville Henry (1974)
REFNOBThe Lineage And Ancestry Of H R H Prince Charles Prince Of Wales Vol 1 Paget, Gerald (1977)
REFNOBThe Lineage And Ancestry Of H R H Prince Charles Prince Of Wales Vol 2 Paget, Gerald (1977)
REFNOBThe Most Noble Order Knights Of The Garter 1348-1725 Natl Soc Dau Barons Runnymede (1959)
REFNOBThe Roots Of King Tutankhamen (Chart) Wallace, Arthur; Ford, Audrey (1980)
REFNOBThe Royal House Of Stuart; Volumes 1-3 (Descendants Of King James Vi Of Scotland; James I Of England) (3 Books) Addington, A C (1976)
REFOCCAmerican Men Of Science; A Biographical Directory; The Physical And Biological Sciences Supplement 5 (6 Books) Jaques Cattel Press (1969)
REFOCCAmericas Dental Leaders Distinction Press (1953)
REFOCCDirectory Of Musicians Union Local 047; 1971 American Fed Of Musicians (1971)
REFOCCMusicians Union Local 47; 1992 Directory American Fed Of Musicians (1992)
REFOCCOfficial Register Of The U S; Containing A List Of Officers And Employees In The Civil, Military And Naval Service 1883; Volume II Secretary Of Interior (1884)
REFOCCProfessional Musicians Local 47; 2002 Directory American Fed Of Musicians (2002)
REFOCCThe Directory Of North American Railroads, Associations, Societies, Archives, Libraries, Museums And Their Collections Hansen, Holly T (1999)
REFOCCThe Redbook; The National Directory Of Morticians 1995 Natl Dir Of Morticians (1995)
REFOCCWhos Who In Commerce And Industry Intl Business Whos Who (1948)
REFPUBA Survey Of American Genealogical Periodicals & Indexes (Vol 3) Sperry, Kip (1978)
REFPUBAn Index To Genealogical Periodical Literature; 1960-1977 (Vol 9) Sperry, Kip (1979)
REFPUBAyer Directory Of Publications Ayer, N W (1976)
REFPUBBibliographical Services Throughout The World 1960-1964 Avicenne, Paul (1969)
REFPUBCirculating Library Catalog For The New England Historic Genealogical Society; Genealogies Vol 1 New Eng Hist & Gen Soc (2000)
REFPUBCirculating Library Catalog For The New England Historic Genealogical Society; Histories & Research Aids Vol 2 New Eng Hist & Gen Soc (2000)
REFPUBGenealogical Periodical Annual Index 1967 Russell, George Ely (1969)
REFPUBGenealogical Periodical Annual Index 1974 Towle, Laird (1974)
REFPUBGenealogical Periodical Annual Index 1975 Towle, Laird (1975)
REFPUBGenealogical Periodical Annual Index 1976 (Vol 15) Towle, Laird C (1978)
REFPUBGenealogical Periodical Annual Index 1977 (Vol 16) Mayhew, C; Towle, L (1979)
REFPUBGenealogical Periodical Annual Index 1978 (Vol 17) Mayhew, Catherine M (1980)
REFPUBHistoric German Newspapers Online Thode, Ernest (Compiler) (2014)
REF MILThe United States Naval Academy; Register Of Alumni 1845-1962 Us Naval Academy Alumni Assoc (1961)
REF MOHistoric Missouri, A Pictorial Narrative State Hist Soc Of Mo (1977)
REF OCCDirectory Of Medical Specialists Volume Xii Advisory Bd For Med Specialists (1953)
RELAMSHAmish Life Hostetler, John A (1983)
RELBAPTDeath Notices From Freewill Baptist Publications 1811-1851 Young, David; Taylor, Robert (1985)
RELBAPTEarly English Baptists Volume II Evans, B (1864)
RELBIOWho's Who In Church History Barker, William P (1969)
RELBRTHSettlement Of The Brethren On The Pacific Slope Muir, Gladdys Esther (1939)
RELCATHChurch History; A Complete History Of Catholic Church History (Photos) Laux, John (Rev) (1934)
RELCATHGenealogical Use Of Catholic Records In North America (Includes Genealogical Research In Protestant & Catholic Church ) Doyle, John J (Monsignor) (1978)
RELCATHLos Angeles Catholic Directory; 1983 1987 1989 (Photos) Los Angeles Catholic Archdiocese (1983-1989)
RELCATHThe American Catholic Who's Who; 1976-1977 (Photos; Water Damaged) Wall, A E P (1975)
RELCATHU.S. Catholic Sources; A Diocesan Research Guide Humling, Virginia (1995)
RELEPISEpiscopal Church Annual; 1985 Episcopal Church (1985)
RELGENA Survey Of American Church Records; 4Th Edition Kirkham, E Kay (1978)
RELGENChurch Records; A Short Review Everton Publ (1996)
RELGENGerman Religious Life In Colonial Times (Original Publ 1907) Bittinger, Lucy Forney
RELGENHandbook Of Denominations In The United States Mead, Frank S (1975)
RELGENReligions In America Rosten, Leo (1963)
RELGENReligious Sects; A Sociological Study (Archive Box 10) Wilson, Bryan (1978)
RELGENSurvey Of American Church Records; Volume I; 3Rd Edition (Major Denominations ) Kirkham, E Kay (1971)
RELGENSurvey Of American Church Records; Volume II Kirkham, E Kay (1969)
RELGENThe Pilgrims Of Russian Town (Struggle Of A Primitive Religious Society ) Young, Pauline V (1932)
RELHUGTCatalog Or Bibliography Of The Huguenot Society Of America Morand, Julia (1971)
RELHUGTDeutsche Hugenott (24 Issues) Desel, Jochen; Et Al (1987-1993 )
RELHUGTFamily Names Of Huguenot Refugees To America (Lists Of Huguenots And Their Descendants) Lawton, James M (Mrs) (1984)
RELHUGTHistory Of The Huguenot Emigration To America Baird, Charles W (1985)
RELHUGTHugenotten In Der Pfalz (Huguenots In The Pfalz; Photos, Huguenot Church History) Kimmel, Helmut (1973)
RELHUGTHugenotten Land Hessen (Huguenot In Hessen) Wagner, Hans W (1985)
RELHUGTHuguenot Emigration To Virginia Virginia Hist Soc (1979)
RELHUGTHuguenot Pedigrees; 2 Volumes In 1 ( ) Lart, Charles E (1973)
RELHUGTMemorials Of The Huguenots In America Stapleton, A (Rev) (1964)
RELHUGTThe Huguenot Historical Society Of New Pfalz New York Publications 1953-1984 (6 Issues) Huguenot Hist Soc (1953-1984)
RELHUGTThe Trail Of The Huguenots In Europe, The Us, South Africa And Canada Reaman, G Elmore (1966)
RELHUTTRussia Record; Hutterite Family Records From 1700-1874 Waldner, Tony (2000)
RELHUTTRussia Record; Hutterite Family Records From 1700-1874 Waldner, Tony (2000)
RELJWSHAmerican Jewish Genealogy Regenstein, Janice M (1981)
RELJWSHAmericans Of Jewish Descent (Reprint From Volume 46 No 2) Stern, Malcolm H (1958)
RELJWSHBulletin Des Leo Baeck Instituts #53/54 Leo Baeck Inst (1957-1978)
RELJWSHBulletin Des Leo Baeck Instituts #55 Leo Baeck Inst (1957-1978)
RELJWSHBulletin Des Leo Baeck Instituts #56/57 Leo Baeck Inst (1957-1978)
RELJWSHBulletin Des Leo Baeck Instituts #58 Leo Baeck Inst (1981)
RELJWSHBulletin Des Leo Baeck Instituts #64 Leo Baeck Inst (1983)
RELJWSHDie Dorfjuden In Der Nordpfalz Kopp, August (C 1967)
RELJWSHFinding Our Fathers; A Guidebook To Jewish Genealogy Rottenberg, Dan (1977)
RELJWSHGeschichte Der Juden In Lengerich Von Den Anfaengen Bis Zur Gegenwart (Jewish Genealogy In Westfalen; Was Under Nrw / Em Filing!) Althoff; Beck; Specht; Vietmeier (1993)
RELJWSHGuide To Jewish Archives Segall, Aryea (1981)
RELJWSHHistory Of The Hebrew Commonwealth (Archive Box 10) Bailey And Kent (1920)
RELJWSHHistory Of The Jews Sachar, Abram Leon (1966)
RELJWSHHistory Of The Jews Of Los Angeles Vorspan, Max; Gartner, Lloyd (1970)
RELJWSHInternational Journal For Researchers Of Jewish Genealogy; Search (14 Issues) Jewish Gen Soc Of Illinois (1985-1989)
RELJWSHJewish Ancestors? A Guide To Jewish Genealogy In Latvia And Estonia Beare, Arlene (2001)
RELJWSHJewish Biography With Name Indexes In The Hebrew Union College Library Kreutzberger, Max (1975)
RELJWSHJewish Genealogical Society Of Los Angles; Roots-Key Jewish Gen Soc Of Los Angeles (1983-2005)
RELJWSHJewish Genealogical Society Of Michigan; Generations Jewish Gen Soc Of Michigan (1986-2000)
RELJWSHJewish Genealogical Society Of Philadelphia; Chronicles Jewish Gen Soc Of Philadelphia (1985-1988)
RELJWSHJewish Genealogical Society Of South Florida; Tayerer Landsman (5 Issues) Jewish Gen Soc Of S Florida (1986-1991)
RELJWSHJewish Genealogy Worldwide (Bibliography Of Books On Jewish Local History ) Regenstein, Janice M (1981)
RELJWSHJournal Of The Jewish Genealogical Society; Dorot Journal Of The Jewish Gen Soc (1987-1988)
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