IGS Database – Family History Collection Surname Index

Family History Collection Surname Index

The IGS Family History Collection Surname Index is a database of information extracted from the publications that are found in the IGS Family History Catalog.

Keying on the main family surname, additional information contained within this database includes collateral surnames of related families, a time frame covered by the publication, home villages or regions whence the family emigrated, and locations where they settled. Also, a description of the publication is included, such as “hard copy”, “spiral bound notebook”, “family charts”, etc. to aid in choosing possible resources to further your research.

This database project began before March of 2020, when the library closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The project was completed through surnames beginning with letter H, and will hopefully resume in the near future when the database will be posted on this web page.

Meanwhile, if you’ve located a publication in the IGS Family History Catalog for which you would like more information, please visit our Remote Look-Up Services web page and fill out the form.

IGS Database – Family History Surname Index

[ this database is in process ]