Digitized Civil Registry Documents for East Prussia

Earlier this month, on Sunday the 11th, we had a successful discussion on IGS Library resources on East and West Prussia that was attended by eight researchers.  But did we forget to mention that many new records for East Prussia are now being digitized and made available online through the State Archive in Olsztyn, Poland (formerly Allenstein)?  The details about the new releases and links to the digitized records can be found at:  http://allenstein.draschba.de/neues.php.

The current additions are from the following locales, as announced on Saturday the 17th through the OW-Preussen-L mailing list:
Klaukendorf (Kreis Allenstein)
Gross Kleeberg (Kreis Allenstein)
Gutsbezirk Wartenburg (Kreis Allenstein)
Willenberg Land (Kreis  Ortelsburg)
Ortelsburg Land (Kreis  Ortelsburg)
Landsberg-Land (Kreis  Pr. Eylau)
Saalfeld Land (Kreis  Mohrungen)
Neidenburg Land (Kreis  Neidenburg)
…and with apparently a few scans from Lochstädt in today’s Kaliningrad Oblast of the Russian Republic.