It’s happening!

Don’t forget to come hear Astrid Adler at the IGS Library!

This Saturday, May 13th, with an informal reception at Noon, her talk about her new books at 1 pm, and a book signing afterwards (and another opportunity to ask questions or chat).  And again on Tuesday, May 16th, with reception at 6 pm, talk at 7 pm, and the book signing and questions/chat afterwards.

There will be food trays at the receptions.  Parking can be either in the lanes behind our building, or on the neighborhood streets.

And a reminder — we’re closed this Sunday, as it’s Mother’s Day….

Astrid Adler Presents: “Emigration from the German Perspective”

During the 19th century, nearly six million Germans left their homes for other lands, and most would never see Germany again.  Ms. Adler writes about this historical migration in her new books, “Our Ancestors Were German” and “Goodbye Forever,” and has spoken previously on this topic on two occasions in Ventura County.

In “Our Ancestors Were German,” Ms. Adler discusses local emigration history from the Grand Duchy Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach region during the 19th century.  German descendants will learn about the reasons for their ancestors’ emigration.  Stories are told about the individuals and families who left Germany based on the historical evidence from passenger lists, census data, family letters, and family trees.  “Goodbye, Forever” tells about emigration history over a period of sixty years in the village of Tiefenort.  Meeting reports of the village council and weather records from the region were also analyzed, giving a unique impression about daily life in a typical German village during the 19th century.

Ms. Adler grew up and still lives in the village of Tiefenort in the former East Germany.  For the past ten years she has specialized in genealogy, especially emigration to America from the Grand Duchy Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach region during the 19th century.  She was honored by the State of Thuringia for her first research exhibition, and is also building an extensive private emigrant database for the South Thuringia area.

Two dates are available to hear her at the IGS Library in Burbank in May.  She will speak on Saturday, May 13th at 1 pm, and again on the evening of Tuesday, May 16th, at 7 pm.  Both talks will be preceded by informal receptions (Noon on the 13th, and 6 pm on the 16th), and will be followed by a further opportunity to meet and converse with our speaker.  Signed books will be available for purchase.  [Idea:  Plan to see our Thuringia resources (on the shelf, or in our vertical files) while at the Library, and bring anything you may have on this interesting area of Germany to share with others.]

Our Library is located at 1310 W. Magnolia Blvd., between Mariposa and Griffith Park cross-streets.  Limited parking is available behind the Library, and may be accessed via the alley.  Other parking is available on Magnolia Blvd. or on the residential streets close by the Library.

Want to buy a German-language history book?

Here are some new offerings just mentioned in a German mailing list:

Josef Sallanz, “Dobrudscha: Deutsche Siedler zwischen Donau und Schwarzem Meer.” [ca. 350 Seiten / 19,80 Euros / ISBN 978-3-936168-73-0]

Ute Schmidt, “Bessarabien: Deutsche Kolonisten am Swarzen Meer.” [420 Seiten / 19,80 Euros / ISBN 978-3-936168-65-5]

“Nach Übersee: Deutschsprachige Auswanderer aus dem östlichen Europa um 1900” [303 Seiten / 9,80 Euros / ISBN 978-3-936168-70-9]

Basil Kerski (Hg.), “Danziger Identitäten: Eine mitteleuropäische Debatte” [288 Seiten / 5 Euros (Preisreduzierte) / ISBN 978-3-936168-58-7]

Mitja Ferenc, Joachim Hösler (Hg.), “Spurensuche in der Gottschee: Deutschsprachige Siedler in Slowenien” [245 Seiten / 5 Euros (Preisreduzierte) / ISBN 978-3-936168-53-2]

Basil Kerski (Hg.), “Stettin – Wiedergeburt einer Stadt Szczecin – Odrodzenie miasta”  [Deutsch-polnische Online-Dokumentation der wichtigsten Stimmen zur Debatte, mit zeitgenössischen und aktuellen Bildern sowie Begriffserklärungen und Verweisen]

It’s hard for us here to find much on Black Sea settlements, etc., and so this is mentioned for that one German-speaking reader who might be looking for interesting material….