And then there were Fourteen

Yes, fourteen members of the Immigrant Genealogical Society &/or the IGS Pommern group will be attending the International Germanic Genealogy Conference in Minnesota in July 2017 — along with one spouse.  But most of us have multiple memberships in partner organizations, so it took a little sleuthing to come up with the current number of attendees.  Here’s a breakdown by principal genealogical partner organization:

IGS — 5 (plus the spouse); our IGS Pommern group — 4; the host society, GGS — 3; and the San Diego Gen. Soc. German Interest Group — 2.

And here’s the breakdown by state:  California, 9+1; Arizona, 1; Minnesota, 1; Nevada, 1; Pennsylvania, 1; Virginia, 1.  Of course more are welcome!!  Visit the IGGP website for information….

New (Co-) Editor for “Die Pommerschen Leute”

The “DPL” is the quarterly of the Pommern/Pomerania Special Interest Group of our Society.  It was once a separate organization, founded by Myron E. Gruenwald (1930-1998) in Wisconsin in 1982, beginning with the publication of his newsletter to promote an appreciation of Pomeranian heritage.  Gradually Mr. Gruenwald also published a series of nine booklets relating to the history and culture of the Pomeranians, both in Germany and in America.  With Myron’s death, publication of the quarterly moved to California.

Now we are welcoming a new (co-)editor, Chris DeWuske of Minnesota.  An elementary school art teacher, he may be expected to present us with new ways of “seeing” our ancestors.  His resources include a firm grounding in the German language, having once attended the Freie Universität in Berlin, plus also a curiosity about his “roots” which parallels that of the editor he will gradually replace, David Marks.

His first issue is Volume 39, Issue 4 (Winter 2016), which will be mailed soon.  On page two, under “Editor’s Notes,” is the following:  “His help will enable us to continue to publish what we hope are interesting and pertinent articles, not only in researching your Pomeranian ancestry, but in understanding the history and culture so that you might better understand how your family lived.”  Readers will find that this issue continues the strong traditions and standards of past years.  Welcome, Chris!!