“The Kansas Historical Quarterly”

If you have immigrants who lived in Kansas, and you live close to our IGS Library in Burbank (California), then you might want to stop by to peruse the various duplicate issues of The Kansas Historical Quarterly, 1952-74, that are offered free to anyone who would have an interest.  We had many of these on our shelves, and most were recently duplicated by the donation of Jackie Sharp of her mother’s personal collection of this periodical.  And when we find ourselves with duplicates, we like to offer them on a “First Come, First Served” basis.

Should you wish to see the issues that were displayed on our shelves, please be advised that they have been moved.  Because of our serious space problems, and with the recent acquisition of a number of new genealogical books relating to Maryland, the KHQ issues have now been boxed in what is identified as “Acquisition Box #1.”  For the moment, it’s resting by Stack 12 on the floor….