Where Have We Gone? To Mastodon!

Earlier this year, our intrepid president Gordon Seyffert bravely stepped into the alternative world of Mastodon, a social media network that blew up in popularity in 2022 after Twitter changed hands.

What is Mastodon? It is a social media network, but the network itself is decentralized into a collection of individual servers, or instances as Mastodon calls them. Each instance is supported by a group of people who share an interest in a particular topic… like genealogy!

Why Mastodon? It is not run by a for-profit corporation, so there are no ads, no profiling, and no algorithms promoting sponsored posts… focus is on the community!

Since January of 2023, Gordon has been exploring the land of Genealysis.Social, and has been pretty actively “tooting” from his own account @Gordon@genealysis.social using the hashtag #immigrantgensoc.

So consider joining Mastodon to follow Gordon’s posts and get notifications in your own feed. There is sure to be a flurry of updates in the weeks to come!

Read more about Mastodon at genealysis.com or Wikipedia.